we are proud of
what we have done
and curious of
what can be done

The modern challenge

In today’s digital age, a strong, successful communication campaign needs to be driven by talented people, possessing a vast array of skills. With smartphones giving access to unlimited content, it has become increasingly challenging to capture attention in a durable and meaningful way. Codigo understands these challenges and continually looks for opportunities to use new technologies to their full potential.

How we overcome

Through passion and experience, our list of service has expanded to encompass all major aspects of the creative industry. Whether you need a trustworthy partner to help you with that one crucial step, or build your project from scratch, we will bring the necessary tools and talent to the table.


Print or web, small or big, sober or extravagant, you name it - we’ll make it.


Catering to both the Private and Public sectors, we specialize in high profile events.


This is where the magic happens. When imagination is transformed into something real, true creation is brought to light.


To better help you envision your ideas, we’ll deliver a full 3D simulation of your event or project, to make sure reality matches your vision.