CODIGO operates its skills directly for clients
or as an outsourced unit for other agencies

When Codigo launched back in 2001, the idea was to bring together talent and imagination in the service of professionalism. We wanted our clients to think big, and to know that their ambition would be rewarded. Today, our experience and creativity have proven to be guarantees of success.



An idea at its core is often the expression of a much larger concept, which is difficult to materialize. Through dialogue and understanding will help you transform your brain child into a successful project.


Creativity without hard work just isn’t enough. Choosing Codigo is also choosing to work with a dedicated network of professionals. From the drawing board to the end result, we will ensure nothing less than excellence.


In today’s world, even the smallest of tasks requires know-how in many distinct fields. Thanks to its numerous partnerships with some of the best companies in the business, we’ll make sure that you won’t need to go looking anywhere else for all your project requirements.

Project & Budget Management
Graphic Design
3D Development Solutions
Taylormade Deco & Architecture
Events & Shops
Promo & Events Experiences
& More ..